On a single platform, integrate lighting and shade control, audio / video distribution, environmental system control, asset management, room scheduling, security and more, across an entire property. Our technology delivers breakthrough environmental control, substantially reducing energy usage and utility costs. Centrally monitor, manage and control guest rooms, ballrooms and meeting rooms, guest services, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, fitness and spa, retail shops, pools, patios and courtyards. Activate personalized in-room welcome settings during checkin with touchscreen simplicity, and allow guests to control the modern luxuries of advanced room automation.

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Web-based control enables managers to monitor room configurations, select preset scenes or create custom configurations directly from the banquet office.


View conference room availability, schedule meetings and events, and manage all room resources remotely.


Automatically recall any ballroom lighting scheme and set the ideal ambiance with simplicity.


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Allow guests to relax in modern comfort and contemporary style with the convenience of room automation.

Put total room control in your guests hands to easily adjust lighting, shades, audio and video from the graphical on-screen TV menu, or from stylish designer keypads.

Our solutions enable guests to select their preferred room scene with one-touch ease, delivering entertainment and ambiance.


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Accentuate the experience with state-of-the-art room automation. Luxury, convenience and inroom entertainment are always on-tap.


Lights, drapes and music automatically adjust to pre-determined settings, to present the perfect ambiance.


A long day of meetings and travel culminates with a royal greeting.


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Utility bills are a huge expense for every property, but can be reduced in a big way without compromising on comfort.


We provide total environmental control that conserves energy by combining autodimming and daylight harvesting with power switching and load shedding across a resort-wide setting, thus lowering monthly utility costs.