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Smart Business Solutions


The new normal is Work from Anywhere.

Data overwhelmingly demonstrates that most people prefer traditional office settings, while others wish to work part- or full-time from home.


What we know is that the workplace of the future must be highly flexible to support employees everywhere. 


This is why we know companies will be leaning on technology to transform and make smart use of spaces for the short- and long-term.

We provide the technology for every way people work, everywhere in the world—from desktop to boardrooms, offices to multi-nationals.


Technology that adapts to what you have and prepares you for what you’ll need.


Platforms, devices, and systems designed to improve communication and collaboration. All managed by a cloud-based system for easy deployment, monitoring and upgrading.


At Convergence Technologies we create faster, better, simpler solutions so people can work faster, better, and more productively.

Wireless Presentation Systems
Smart Boards &
Wireless Presentation
Collaborate from anywhere
Unified Communications & Collaboration
Corporate AV Solutions
Projectors, TVs,
Motorised Screens
& Video Walls
Crestron NVX
AV over IP
Audio & Video Distribution over IP Networks
Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms
Microsoft Teams & Zoom Rooms

Meetings Simplified

Our presentation and collaboration tools make multi-media presentations and remote meetings simple and professional. Equipment start up and shutdown is as easy as connecting the cable to your laptop.  


We automate the whole procedure so you can focus on your presentation and not how to work the technology in the room.

Sales meetings, vendor presentations, hybrid meetings–your spaces have to handle it all. Android™ OS or Windows® OS. One touch Microsoft Teams® or Zoom Rooms™. The ability to connect and present from any mobile device (BYOD). Convergence Technologies makes it easy to collaborate on any platform, in any room.


A solution for every space

A hybrid work world demands a consistently excellent experience. With a Convergence Technologies Smart Space solution, you can walk into any space confident you’ll have the best audio/video experience with access to video conferencing, wireless presentation and smart room control from any device. Desktops to training rooms, home offices to global headquarters, Convergence Technologies helps you keep everyone seamlessly and securely connected.


Microsoft Teams Scheduling Panels

Employees use Teams panels to view meeting room details, reserve a space, view upcoming reservations, and easily identify the current availability of a room.


Designed to be mounted outside the meeting room, the Teams Scheduling Panel displays data from inside the room to the people approaching the room, avoiding issues before they arise.

Network-based occupancy sensors provide data to notify employees when a room is at capacity or automatically release the space if no one shows up. Employees can even locate an available room close by with the “Nearby Rooms” feature in the event their desired room is occupied.

Integrated Building Technology

From hardware to software, engineering, and design expertise, Convergence Technologies SA provides everything needed to integrate commercial lighting control with HVAC, AV, IT, BMS, shading, and security, to deliver a truly integrated, energy efficient building.


We address the needs of facility managers and IT departments seeking to monitor and manage a variety of technologies over a single network. Whether it's a single room or the entire building, across a campus or a global network, our solutions centralize control of audio and video devices, security cameras, lighting and HVAC.

Enterprise Security.png
Alarm, CCTV
& Access Control
Public Address Systems.png
Public Address,
Voice Evacuation & Pro Audio Systems
Fiber Networks.png
Fiber Installations
& Structured Cabling
Corporate IP Phone Systems
VOIP Telephone
& Intercom Systems

Our enterprise management platform is the smart way to integrate disparate systems throughout your business.


Network all of your multimedia, environmental, and room-scheduling technology using existing IT infrastructure, and we'll let you monitor, manage, and control systems across the entire enterprise with ease.


Save time and money while maximizing resources with the most advanced enterprise solution available.

Enterprise Management

Building Lighting Controls
Building Aircon Controls
Building Surveillance Systems
Building Motorised Blinds
Blinds / Curtains
Enterprise Networks
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